Los Angeles infected by Coronavirus

Los Angeles infected by Coronavirus
Coronavirus is most dangerous deadly decease in the world now a days.Many Countries are trying to make any medicine or vaccine for it. Coronavirus has started from the China, which spread in the whole world. Many Scientists and Doctors are trying to discover the medicine for it.

Coronavirus: Los Angeles

                                                 Coronavirus is now reported in Los Angeles United States.Los Angeles State is now much worried, because many people died in Los Angeles due Coronavirus. Many Countries seal their borders to stop the Coronavirus.
Coronavirus: Washington
                                                This is also mentioned that Corona virus is now spreading in many states in United States. Coronavirus is also reported in Washington and New York. The Doctors are Telling people to use mask on their face to avoid from the Coronavirus.
Corona Deaths in United States
                                                             Many people died in United States due to the Coronavirus infection. 11 People died in United States. The Government has started to inform the safety steps to the people.According to the New reports there are more 6 people which are infected in Los Angles.The Government of United States have started to launch a safety Campaign in all States.The Doctors are stand by in many States.
                    The State of Los Angle has declared Emergency due to Coronavirus. The State has started for search of Coronavirus infected people. The Doctors are scanning all people at the airports.
Los Angeles and New York infected by Coronavirus.
                             Coronavirus: Los Angeles

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