How CoronaVirus Spreads

Corona Virus is the most dangerous illness in the World. This is the news that Corona Virus is spreading like a Family tree. It is spreading from the animals and it is also spreading from the connection between animals and humans. It is also said that this Corona virus is trending to that people who eats the birds and animals. This virus is started from the China, which spreads to the whole world by looking. Many Countries have tried to avoid from the Corona Virus, they also take steps for safety measures. But despite of all safety Measures failed to stop it. The People said that Cancer was the top illness before it, but now corona is on trending. Many People has been suffering from the Corona. But these people are put in the Ventilator and alone. The Doctors are also checking their family members. The Doctors and scientists are failed to discover any medicine. The Virus caught from many people in California in the regular checkup. People can avoid from CoronaVirus by adopting some safety steps,

First it was only in the South Asia, but now it is also trending in Europe from some days. California, New York, Los Angles and many other states are infected from the Corona Virus. Corona is making cause of death in the Los Angles and California.

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