How to Prevent from CoronaVirus and What are symptoms?

How to Prevent from CoronaVirus and What are symptoms?

Microscope-viewing corona virus :

Professor Andrew Kingham from the Zoological Association in London, Scientists are trying to connect these events together like spies. They say that the virus can occur in many animal species, especially bats with many corona virus species.

So what do we know about “viral outbreaks”?

When scientists examined the virus from a patient’s body, a direct signal was sent to the bats. Bats fly for a long time and are found on all continents, they are not very sick themselves, but specialize in the wide spread of viruses.

According to Professor Kate Jones, from University College London, there is evidence that bats are used for long and strenuous flies and can get rid of DNA damage, but they automatically bear the burden of many types of viruses in their bodies, but still an idea.

Nottingham University professor Jonathan Ball says that if you look at the lifestyle of the bats, they do not doubt that they are infected and are breastfeeding animals. It is transmitted directly or indirectly to humans. I can move too.

The second issue in this case is the identification of the mysterious animal that catches the virus and brings it to the market in Wuhan. In this context, an animal named Pangolin is suspected. Ants that eat ants and other insects are the most illegal animals in the world and suffer from endemicity.


It is used in traditional Chinese medicine and is considered by some to be a refined diet, but experts say that the full details of the magazine of Pangolin cannot be drawn because it has not been published yet. This was unable to verify all the information.

Other wildlife, including pangolin and other bat species, are usually sold in wet markets (markets where live animals are kept in water), which are more likely to spread the virus together. others. Therefore, in these markets, the virus is more likely to spread to animals and humans.

One of these markets in Wuhan was closed after the outbreak, which included a wildlife section where live and slaughter animals were sold. Among them were camels, bears and other animal organs. According to the Daily Guardian, lambs, grasshoppers, scorpions, rats, squirrels, foxes, lizards, bulls, turtles, etc. Fish meat was included.

As far as we know, bats and penguins were not on this list. Chinese officials will know what is sold there. Experts say that the viruses we have discovered in recent years have been transmitted to people from the wild, whether Ebola, SARS and now the Corona virus.

Professor Jones says that the incidence of infectious diseases in the wildlife has increased and the human population has been exposed to new viruses. People invade forests Forest lands are used, which can be the cause of the virus transmitted from wildlife.

“If we know what the risks are, we can act ahead,” says Professor Kingham. Although bats are more lethal, they are also important for the functioning of the ecosystem.

It eats a large number of insects, including insect bats, cultured insects and mosquitoes. In 2003 and 3, after the outbreak of the SARS outbreak, the animal market was temporarily banned. But soon these markets started operating in China, Vietnam and other parts of Southeast Asia.

China once again banned the sale of wildlife products, saying the ban would be permanent.

Diana Bell, professor at the University of East Anglia, says we can never know where and how this human-induced disease began, but we can prevent it from being the “ next storm. ” We collect animals from different countries and different lifestyles, some from trees, some on land, some from dangerous environments, and we must stop it.

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