Safety Tips to Prevent from CoronaVirus

Safety Tips to Prevent from CoronaVirus

How to avoid from CoronaVirus :

Mask is compulsory to avoid from the virus. After CoronaVirus Attack the Medical Mafia has started their business for earning. They forget all the humanities. The company which makes the masks has started to make profit; they have increased the price of the Mask. People are buying the expensive mask for their life.

The Experts have said that don’t shake your hand with someone. This virus is spreading from the handshake. This is also said that wash your hands 10 times in a day. This Virus transfer to nose from the hands,

  • Wash your Hands.
  • Don’t shake your hands with some ones.
  • Use Mask on your face regular.
  • Regular checkup from the Doctors.
  • Avoid from Biometric Attendance.
  • Use Gloves on your hands, if you are working on public Computer.
  • Stay away from the Corona Virus infected Person.

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