With the arrival of British rule, law began to flourish into a regular and independent profession. Now we have a British system of jurisprudence in our Pakistan. We have also their system of courts and the ways of counseling and dispensation of justice. Instead of the Privy Council, we have the Supreme Court in our country. Different people have different minds. Therefore, everybody has its own I thinking. It is wrong that every person may become a lawyer. I think that correct that high thinking makes a person high. It is pertinent to mention here that law was till the dawn of independence a highly-respected profession. All the great political leaders of the day began their career as lawyers or barristers; Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Mahatama Gandhi and Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto are worth mentioning here.


            The definition of a lawyer is an Advocate or advisor in society.  He represents one of the parties in a criminal or civil matter. A lawyer saves an innocent person in a criminal case. He defends the rights of a party in civil matters. The job of a lawyer is to argue, speak, and convince the party or Court for getting relief.


            Many professions are in our country, like doctors and engineers, etc. Anyhow, every profession has its own charming. I being a student of political science had my own choice. I had a full interest in law, I chose it as my profession. Other reasons for my choice to select this profession.  


            In 1986 when I did my advocacy, one had to get a matriculation diploma. Thereafter, he had to pass his intermediate and Graduation. After Graduation, one had to study for more than three years in law. But now the strategy has changed and one has to undergo five years course of law after his Intermediate. Sometimes it takes six years when one fails in some subject.


            One of the pillars on which our elected construction stands is the Judiciary. While the Legislature makes the laws that should govern the country. The Executive administers them and the Judiciary interprets and prevents their misuse. Therefore, its task is no less important than the making or the applying of the laws. Although there is vast scope in this profession, yet all lawyers do not become good lawyers. We will come across many doctors and engineers, but all those are not famous in their job. At present, there are thousands people, who are linked with this profession. But a few people have earned their name. In 1986 when I started my career as a lawyer/Advocate, there were 100 persons in our local Bar. I joined Mr. Hameed Asghar (since died), who was very nice and noble person. He had keen interest in the criminology. He had full command in criminal work/matters. He mostly conducted murder trial. I remained associated with him for three years. I learnt much from him. Thereafter, I started my practice independently. Thereafter after further four years I stood on my legs. In the meanwhile, I conducted thousands murder cases. I also appeared in so many bail petitions and other constitutional petitions in Sessions Court as well as in the honorable High Court.


            Certainly, the main benefit of this profession is money. Mostly there are three types of lawyers. First, the lawyers conducting criminal trial. Secondly, who deal with civil matters. Thirdly, the lawyers, who work in Firms. The Advocates working in Firm demand very high fee. Same is the position of Advocates, who conduct criminal work. However, this profession requires hardworking and severe labor. Although the lawyers get high fees, yet they have to read daily. They have to prepare their cases every day properly. Otherwise, in Courts when they will not be able to answer the questions of court, they will feel shame. Furthermore, the Lawyers, who do not take keen interest, they never become popular in their field. Along with it, a lawyer becomes weak with the passage of time. It is not out of place to state that the job of a lawyer is very terrible, especially when the trial of a criminal case is going on.


            A lawyer should be loyal to his job. He should be honest and hardworking. A lawyer should have a keen interest in his business. He should maintain the decorum of the courtroom. He should be fair with his colleagues and court staff. It is true that a lawyer will always try to protect the interests of his client. It is the duty of a lawyer to bring hope and joyfulness for his clients in their lives.  He should seek mercy from the court for suspected criminals. A lawyer should lessen the misery of a confirmed criminal and combine mercy with justice because it is the attribute to God Himself. If he does so he gets double reward. In this way, he will not only get monetary benefit, but also feel sense of fulfillment.



            There existed certain reasons for adopting this profession. There were four causes on the basis of which I took this job as a profession, which are given below:-

Family background

            The main factor which I forced me to join this profession was the family background. We had enmity in our village and in this way, it was our need too. It is very famous that there were no bad people, there would be no good lawyers.

Rural area

            I belong to a village. In rural area, a person belonging to the police department or is a lawyer, he commands respect than any other in the village. Because everybody wishes that people give him respect, so I thought to accept this profession.

Earning money

            Everybody wants money. Every one wishes to become rich. As it is a money-minting profession, I adopted it.

Help the disappointed person

            It is the profession in which one can help others. A lawyer can save the innocent person from punishment. An Advocate protects the rights of a person. In the very beginning, it was in mind that being an Advocate I will help the poor and needy persons.


            It is correct that all the persons are not pious in every department. Some black sheep are there in this profession, which makes dirty the whole department or profession. Same is the situation with this department of law. There are certain lawyers, who deceive their clients. They take bribe in the names of Judges and Court staff. They are stigma in the forehead of this profession.

Shakespeare speaks that a lawyer can easily twist the whole matter and give it a new sense, which gives a new spirit of life to the client.

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